Fastest Garden on Earth

Moving Pollinator Garden
Moving Pollinator Garden

For the past thirty years – since my now-grown son was still in a child restraint seat – my old antique pickup truck has had a diminutive but productive potager garden overstuffed with flowers, herbs, and vegetables. That’s right, the working truck has a working garden in the back!

Truck Garden in Mid-Summer
Truck Garden in Mid-Summer

I started it out from frustration with one too many people whining about not having a place to garden. Thinking “What’d be the hardest place, the acid test, to give it a go?” I decided to try it in the back of my pickup truck.

At first I planted in various size bags of potting soil; I now plant in a custom-crafted metal box with drainage holes on the rear allow water to drain away from rather than under the garden. My potting soil includes a crucial “green roof” material – kitty litter-size heat-expanded slate, which helps with drainage and aeration for deeper root growth, and reduces weight to help with gas mileage. I fertilize very lightly with timed-release Osmocote® beads, and water as needed.

After decades of failing miserably with countless hapless plants (thinking about adding a small compost pile to one side of my planter box), I’ve settled on a surprising palette that survive the harsh conditions with at most a little foliage burn. Nobody takes care of the garden when I’m in my English summer and winter home for weeks or months on end, so I’m usually on pins to see what survives on rainfall alone and no protection from cold.

All Gardens Need Color and Textures
All Gardens Need Color and Textures

For more on which plants I have found to do well, visit the lengthier blog page here. I’ve even photographed butterflies and bees in this mobile pollinator garden!

All-Weather Plants
All-Weather Plants

Oh, and I tend to over-accessorize the truck garden. There are sideboards made of salvaged registration plates (“car tags” where I live) wrapped around wooden runners, a gardenesque bird house and cheery antique gnome, a silver eagle hood ornament from England, and a pair of custom-crafted metal “bottle tree” sconces. And, ironically, a small Slow Gardening sign.

I’m not the only truck gardener. But I’m pretty sure mine has the most miles on it, after being driven from West Texas to South Florida, and to Minnesota, Vermont Michigan, and literally everywhere in between – 34 states, over 300,000 miles and still counting. Many lecture requests include a hopeful “are you driving your truck garden?”…

In Front of US Botanic Garden
In Front of US Botanic Garden

…and I’m beginning to think more people want to see the garden than they do ME!

Meanwhile if worst comes to worst and my truck sets me down on the side of the road, while waiting for AAA to come rescue us I have enough vegetables and culinary herbs to eat road kill…





For more details and photos, click here to go to my truck garden page.

For a short, humorous YouTube feature on the truck after it was stolen, recovered, and

replanted, go here.

4 Replies to “Fastest Garden on Earth”

  1. Oh my! My garage garden would have been a good place to park such a vehicle; except that access was blocked by all the plants. It was a space too far back for me to maneuver my big car into.. We made the space an outdoor room, and separated it from the driveway with a screen of boxed and potted plants. It looked good enough that we planted freeway iceplant to obscure the boxes and pots. It looked like it had been landscaped. It really looked like a landscaped area outside of a picture window, except that there was no picture window.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m WITH ya, man. I keep the truck outside all year, ‘cause it’s my main wheels. It hasn’t made a West Coast trip yet (though I fly out 2 or 3 times a year for lectures or photo shoots).
      My last fun project was a raised planter of succulents to park my trash bins under…
      Cheers guy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 81 mph, according to an official guv’ment written report courtesy of the Louisiana State Highway Patrol (note to self: slow down in St.Charles)…


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