Bottle Trees

San Antonio bottle tree

Glass bottle trees are the folksiest form of garden art

Some call bottle trees “poor man’s stained glass.” Some say it’s about voodoo and keeping evil spirits out of the garden. I call them “redneck Chihuly sculptures.”

Whatever. They come with thousands of years of history and lore, and have their lovers and haters. But whether traditional or contemporary versions, from home-made to high-end,  they are found in rural and botanical gardens alike – even in art museums… and every variation of these cheery expressions of joie de vivre is based on a simple concept: glass bottles held aloft in a garden.  

Mississippi Delta bottle tree outside shack

History of bottle trees

These folksy garden sculptures are based on three thousand-year-old Arabian folk tales. Learn more

Flower bed bottle tree accent in Felder Rushing's garden

Bottle trees in Felder’s garden

Representing glass garden art from wine bottles stuck on dead tree snags to Stephanie Dwyer and Andrew Young sculptures, and some once part of an installation in the garden of the Mississippi Museum of Art. You can see them here.

Bottle tree with metal birds, Fondren, MS

Funky Fondren’s bottle trees

Fondren, my small, creative neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, has over a hundred bottle trees. Check out my photo gallery.

Glass and bottle art tree, Fairhope AL

Bottle trees around the world

Bottle trees are more than just a trashy Southern thing. I’ve marvelled over them on five continents. Find out more.

Tallest bottle tree at dusk

Mississippi’s tallest bottle tree

I think I’ve created Mississippi’s tallest bottle tree in my cottage garden. Read more

Hanging bottle tree, Jackson TN

Other garden glass

Inspiration for those who’d secretly like a bottle tree but are scared what the neighbors might say. Read more.

Bottle trees at a high-end show

I was over the moon to see a bottle tree installation at the UK Royal Horticulture’s Chatsworth Flower Show. Read more

Blue bottle tree with Thunberia vine

How to make a bottle tree

This simple guide will help you make a bottle tree out of an old cedar snag, metal rebar or just about anything. Read more.

“We’re just holding glass to the sky so its colors can sing.”

Jenny Pickford, British Sculptor

Holding blue glass to the sky

“Two rules for bottle trees: Stop throwing bottles away, and stick them on something out in the yard.

Felder Rushing