Ah…my little corner of the Internet, where I can be myself rather than just another author, the posturing horticulturist on NPR, or onstage at garden events. No coat and tie, no workaday horticultural correctness, just a crusty gardener who travels the world looking for whatever’s a good fit for my garden and me.

In my small but overstuffed plot of land I try out interesting design elements and grow hardy plants that need little or no care. I accessorize with bottle trees, gaily painted tire planters, and other whimsical yard art, including the ancient topiary practice now called “crape murder.”

Enjoy a scroll through photos of really quirky stuff I’ve seen on far-flung garden travels. Hope you find inspiration, but won’t mind getting a little affronted. After all, it’s my blog, about my garden life – and those who know me expect no less. Besides, as Martha once quoted me as saying, “No matter what you do, your neighbors are gonna talk about you anyway.”

Now let’s get dirty.

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Magnolia Flower Flag

Historic Marker - resized flower (low res)
Mississippi Floral Emblem as it appears on statewide historic markers

On June 30, 2020, the governor signed the bipartisan legislative mandate to remove Mississippi’s old flag and form a commission to design a new one, to be voted on later in the year. I, along with many others, would like to see a flag that includes a bold magnolia flower.

Mississippi has long been branded as the Magnolia State in celebration of our evocative state flower. Magnolia’s huge, fragrant flowers are instantly recognizable worldwide. More than just beautiful, magnolias are strong, long-lived emblems of resilience, native to every Mississippi county. Visitors to our state and homecoming Mississippians are greeted by The Avenue of Magnolias along our major highways. A flag design incorporating a magnolia flower would be a source of pride for all our citizens.

And we’re already familiar with it from being on statewide historic markers for 70 years.

For more detail and photos, please click here.

Please remember that this is NOT about the pros and cons of the flag change, which is now settled law – history – and I will not discuss those issues here. It’s time to move forward. I pledge to support whatever flag Mississippi voters decide in November.

But I believe that when decision time comes around, we should have a right to choose what proudly and without question represents everyone in the Magnolia State – THE MAGNOLIA FLOWER!

If you agree, please forward this link to your contacts on social media.


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