FLORIADE 2022 – World’s Largest Horticultural Exhibition

Welcome to Floriade

This is my fourth Floriade experience, attending the world’s largest horticultural exhibition, hosted in The Netherlands just once every ten years. This year’s show, as in the others in 2002 and 2012, featured stunning garden designs from dozens of countries around the world, exciting plants, unique accessories, garden art and other “hard” features, and the latest/futuristic horticultural innovations. With universal themes of sustainability and connections to nature, I took notes on dozens of ideas I can use in my own little cottage-style garden.

Bear sculptures Floriade 2022

Take a few minutes to peruse this gallery of photos – three dozen or so winnowed from hundreds of equally precious memories from a perfect day, perfect weather, at one of the horticultural gems of the world. Note that I have put brief descriptions for each photo which can be enlarged with just a click.

And what better way to end a day of hortistimulation (and 8 miles of walking) than with my favorite Belgium ale?

Le Chouffe
Le Chouffe and my well-traveled rucksack

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    1. i have heard more mississippi delta blues, and seen more of our native wildflowers (including LOTS of goldenrod) used effectively in england and europe than i have even in our beloved home state!


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