4 Replies to “The Dance of Night Flowers”

  1. I absolutely loved this Felder and I absolutely love you. (Don’t worry, I’m a harmless 67 year old grandmother!) I have all of your books and I bought so many copies of Passalong Plants I lost count how many because I loved it so much and I kept telling people about it and SOME people just HAD to have a copy. I have 2 of them here! And I love your new book too. Here’s a question if you answer questions here. Is it possible to grow Night Blooming Cereus here? I’m in Wilmington, NC, Zone 8a? And will Datura survive our winters which are very mild? I have 2 in pots that I bring into my laundry room over the winters and they will even flower inside but I didn’t know if they would survive in the ground here?

    Thanks so much. Keep on being you, and oh, I was so sad when Dr. Dirt passed. I loved seeing the videos and hearing the stories about him. And do you still do your radio program? I can’t find it anymore…

    All good blessings to you and yours, stay healthy and safe, and “Keep on truckin’!” 😍

    Maitri Libellule


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