Mississippi Snow Blizzard

Fact: We rarely get snow in Mississippi. Oh, every year or two we get in inch or two. Maybe.

But on December 1, 2017, we got an astonishing six inches, sometime between when I peeked outside at clear 3 a.m. and when I awoke at dawn. It was piled softly atop everything, completely covering decks and glass bottle trees alike, and even utility wires.

Front Garden in Snow
Front Garden in Snow

It was simply beautiful, and its muffling effect made everything so eerily quiet!

Knowing it wouldn’t last long, I quickly made the rounds, taking photos unspoiled by footprints all around my garden, front and back, and including the completely-buried plants in the back of my truck garden.





I moved on to neighborhood landscapes and the still-flowering antique shrub roses I had planted decades ago in a two-century old cemetery.

Greenwood Cemetery Antique Rose

And sure enough, by noon it was already disappearing. By Saturday the only indication it ever snowed were the odd concentrated “butt prints” where ephemeral snowpeople once stood – er, sat.

If not for my camera, I’d never be able to prove that even Mississippi can get a blizzard.

My back fence, which is topped with colorful glass shards as pretty deterrents, looked extra special with the snow.

Glass Fencetop in Snow
Glass Fencetop in Snow

Sooo…. I built a nice fire and sat outside the rest of the day to just enjoy the crackling dichotomy.

Winter Fire

4 Replies to “Mississippi Snow Blizzard”

  1. I would not have thought that ‘Mississippi’ belongs in the same sentence with ‘snow’. However, even we had snow back in 1974. It was like an inch deep in parts of San Jose. One of my favorite pictures of Beverly Hills shows the snow that fell over Los Angeles in 1962 or so. It did not stick in Los Angeles, but stayed long enough to be photographed in the Santa Monica Mountains.


    1. thanks tony. i lived through a sleet storm in san diego several years ago…it covered nearly everything!i’m sure the folks in santa monica would appreciate ANY liquid precipitation right now with all those awful fires!

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    1. Thanks guy. Perfect way to have snow – lots, then gone!
      I’m at my winter/summer home between Scotland and Wales now… where it’s a WHOLE ‘NOTHER STORY!

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