England’s Northern Soul Food

Savory pies are the soul food of northern England. The go-to salve that sells out early the morning after a lost football match, or when BBC coverage of politics gets too much to bear. When a local lass needs a little comfort or cheer.

And – apologies to every opinionated foodie out there – the very best are hand-crafted at The Real Thai Pie Company, offered for sale at tiny Haworth’s Bakery. It’s just a short hike uphill from town center in Darwen, nestled in the West Pennine Moors of Lancashire. Right across from the Vic, if you get lost or need directions (ask anyone).

On his travels in Thailand some twenty years ago Doug, the laid-back but passionate baker, came up with a unique, award-winning creation – chunks of meat, potatoes, carrots, and piquant pinch of fiery spices in just enough creamy gravy to keep it just right for eating out of hand. In a word, addictive.

A Real Thai Pie Company chicken pie
Green chicken pie from The Real Thai Pie Company

This is just a photo. Can’t capture the friendly Lancashire gemutlichite found at this fragrant little shop, much less the steamy wares of the Real Thai Pie Company. Get there early.

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    1. Yes I have! Six or seven years ago when I was lecturing in that historic old town and photographing the original ‘Natchitoches Noisette’ rose (one of my all-time favorites) in the cemetery…
      Though (and I tremble to admit this, as a Southerner) I prefer baked meat pies over fried…


  1. Hi Felder
    Just wanted to say thanks again for a great presentation at Oklahoma Gardeners Assoc last week.
    I’m headed to London and on to Lincoln, England, Amsterdam and Prague next week. Would love to try the Thai Pie place…. we will see.
    You said you had some insider secrets to share on where to go so I’m excited.
    Also excited about all the bumbles and butterflies that are hanging out in my garden right now. Have a huge tiger swallowtail that’s bigger than the mosquitoes that I also keep as pets.

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