Maverick Gardeners: Dr. Dirt and Other Determined Independent Gardeners by Felder Rushing

I’m sharing this book review by Jessica Russell – thanks for your kind words, Jessica! Hope to see some of you at the Eudora Welty House and Garden, from 1-3pm today.

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A review of
Maverick Gardeners: Dr. Dirt and Other Determined Independent Gardeners
by Felder Rushing
University Press of Mississippi

Maverick Gardenerscelebrates gardening offbeat, on purpose

By Jessica Russell
Special to the Mississippi Clarion Ledger

At last, Mississippi’s favorite offbeat horticulturist takes us behind the vine-wrapped gates of some of the funkiest private gardens in the South. Suffice it to say, this is not your mama’s garden guide.

With a profusion of interesting and unexpected themes planted densely together, it reads rather like a cottage garden grows: A memoir here, a tribute there. Some history. Some recipes. And plenty of good laughs in between—thanks to Rushing’s signature narrative style.

Nestled among eye-popping photographs of unconventionally beautiful gardens are personal stories of the maverick gardeners who tend them. Between these fanciful encounters, like a well-placed garden bench, the author provides space to pause and reflect. To think…

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8 Replies to “Maverick Gardeners: Dr. Dirt and Other Determined Independent Gardeners by Felder Rushing”

  1. Dr Dirt would be proud man. Sure miss listening to you guys while I was at work . Plus the advice yaw would supply when needed. I didn’t know he’d passed away till I seen one of your post. He like you is friends that make Mississippians proud. I miss driving by and seeing your yard from a distance. Especially the cool stuff you recycle to do it with. Buddy it’s good to see your still kicking. 👍. I’ve got one of your books somewhere where I have no clue v. But rest assured it’s in mint condition. I’ve since I’ve retired don’t keep I touched like I like. But. Again. Dr Dirt and everyone you’ve touched over the years has always been proud to have you as a friend.


    1. you are too kind, sir! i miss dr. dirt terribly, but this new book gives him his propers. has lots of photos of him in his garden, his bo-kays, his recipes, his plants, his phiiosphy… and the whole story of our ten year journey…


  2. Hi Felder. I bought your book and looked it. But I wanted one to send to my friend in SC. So I sent mine . Now Lumereia doesn’t have any sifted copies. Would you PLEASE go by and sign some more so I can have my own signed copy. I’m a “Digr”


  3. Sorry. I read my comment after I sent it. Makes no sense. I bought your signed copy of your book at Lemuria. Sent it to my friend in SC because you had not signed any more books. Now would you PLEASE GO TO Lemuria and sign more books so I can have my own book?
    I’m a “Digr”


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