Giant Glass Bottle Tree

The finished bottle tree is over 17 feet tall and is accented by two smaller bottle trees nearby

I think I just created Mississippi’s tallest bottle tree in my front garden.

I know these folksy garden sculptures, based on three thousand-year-old Arabian folk tales (not African “voodoo” as some people say), aren’t every one’s cup of tea. But there are thousands of them scattered across gardens of a surprising assortment of people; I’ve photographed them in poor country gardens and upscale and even antebellum settings, done by “dirt” gardeners and those with the wherewithal to have used classical sculptures instead.

Bottle trees are especially beautiful when backlit by the sun
Bottle trees are especially beautiful when backlit by the sun

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Keep Fondren Funky

Most folks think their neighborhood is a special place to live, but I give my little town-within-a city extra points for how it has dealt with falling between the potholed cracks when tastemakers passed through.

Not braggin’, just sayin’.

We’re certainly not better than others, it just doesn’t matter. While we have our share of VIPs and upmarket homes, some of our areas are not as well-heeled or as “precious” as nearby other communities; still, we feel loosely akin, wary lifeboat passengers from different decks of a foundering ship, doing our best to pull together.

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